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    The Final Presentation was held successfully on 29 June 2018 in PolyU. The 10 LLP teams showcased their projects and technologies and shared their 10-week journey of market validation. We are proud not only to see the transformation of the 10 LLP teams from the laboratory to the market, but also...
    We take pleasure to announce the final result of the PolyU Lean LaunchPad Programme 2018 as listed below: LLP-18-001 LLP-18-002 LLP-18-004 LLP-18-006 LLP-18-007 LLP-18-008 LLP-18-009 LLP-18-011 LLP-18-012 LLP-18-013 Should your team is awarded, the Entrepreneurial Lead will be officially...
    The PolyU Lean Launchpad Briefing and Introductory Workshop on 12 March 2018 received very good response from the audience and the industry. Now we have a list of experienced industry mentors and partners who are committed to provide hands-on guidance on a one-on-one basis. To learn more from...
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  • Background and Objectives


    Modelled after the US National Science Foundation I-Corps programme, PolyU Lean LaunchPad Programme (the “Programme”) is a 10-week, evidence-based entrepreneurship development programme targeting the University’s researchers and research teams to search for potential market and application of their technologies.


    With the guidance of industry advisors and mentors, the participating teams will conduct extensive market research with stakeholders to gain necessary business knowledge and real market insights, as well as to discover the ways to commercialize their research technologies through this experiential learning programme.


    • To foster knowledge transfer (KT) of PolyU technologies in strategic areas / verticals with path specific competitive advantages
    • To enhance the Technology Readiness Level (TRL)1 of PolyU technologies
    • To accelerate the go-to-market of the technologies through either venturing out as tech start-ups or licensing to collaborating industry partner(s)

    Focused Technology Verticals

    • Smart City & AI
    • Health Technology
    • Fashion & Wearable Technology

    1 "Technology readiness levels (TRL) ". European Commission, G. Technology readiness levels (TRL), HORIZON 2020 – WORK PROGRAMME 2014-2015 General Annexes, Extract from Part 19 - Commission Decision C(2014)4995



  • Programme Features and Benefits

    First in Hong Kong

    First-ever Lean Launchpad programme in Hong Kong targeting for university researchers and research students

    10-week Evidence-based Entrepreneurship Development Programme

    An experiential learning journey with the direct market insights in the commercial world to guide participating research teams to commercialize their research technologies

    Industry Connection and Insights

    Guidance and mentorship support from industry advisors, experienced mentors and entrepreneurs

    Acceleration of Research to Market

    Formulation and validation of commercialization pathway by using different analytical tool - Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas, etc.

    Project Grant

    Grant of HK$50,000 to each qualified participating team for their prototyping and other expenses throughout the Programme

    Access to PolyU InnoHub Resources

    Access to resources under PolyU InnoHub Hong Kong and Shenzhen (co-working space, startup consultation, etc.)

    Pipeline to PolyU TechCelerator Programme

    At the end of the LLP Programme, teams may be further considered for a 3-month PolyU TechCelerator Programme to accelerate their research technologies with further funding to develop prototypes and conduct market validation.

  • Programme Advisor and Trainers

    Prof Poh Kam Wong


    Director, NUS Entrepreneurship Centre,
    Professor, NUS Business School,

    National University of Singapore


    Linkedin Profile

    Mr Felix Lam


    Founding Partner, #43 Venture

    Founding Principal, Red Chapel Advisors


    Linkedin Profile

    Mr Leroy Yau


    Founding Partner, #43 Venture


    Linkedin Profile

    Mr Albert Au


    Founder, Acesobee Limited


    Linkedin Profile

    Mr Leo Chiu


    Venture Partner, Spike Ventures



  • Programme Schedule

  • Application Details

    Submission Deadline: 1pm, 21 March 2019 (Thu)
    Submit to: hkllp@polyu.edu.hk

    Targeted Projects

    The applicants / participating teams should have their research technologies which are:

    • Able to readily accelerate with TRL greater than 3
    • Supported and endorsed by PolyU academic staff
    • Multi-disciplinary involvement from multiple departments is preferred
    • Use of university research facilities (e.g. 3D Printing Lab, Digital Manufacturing Lab) is encouraged.


    A team with at least one Student (Full-Time or Part-Time), Alumni or Research Staff of PolyU as the Entrepreneurial Lead.


    Application Submission

    Download Form & Details

    Application Submission:
    • Completed Application Form
    • Presentation Deck (with no more than 20 slides)
    • CVs of all Team Members
    • Copy of Student ID/Graduation certificate of each PolyU student/alumni
    • Relevant Supporting Documents of the research project/technology (including but not limited to research paper published, invention disclosure, filed patent application, etc.)

    Selection Criteria

    • Technology Readiness of the Research Project - The maturity of the technology to go to market / commercialization
    • Commercialization Potential - Potential for having good application(s) / commercialization channel(s) for the technology
    • Applicants’ Background & Strength - The diversity and complementary strength of team members
    • Multi-disciplinary Involvement - If the team/the research technology involves multiple departments / domains


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