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LLP on Air 2020 Bootcamp Day 1

9:30-18:00pm, 5 Sep 2020

Due to technical issue, LLP BOOTCAMP DAY1 will be hosted through ZOOM instead of Webex Teams. Please find the link at your WeChat group or calendar invitation.

Please note:

1. Log in 5 minutes before the class

2. Name yourself as “LLP_001_Chan Tai Man(EL/Mentor/Supervisor/MBA)” for easy identification

3. Keep your camera on 

4. Keep muted unless you speaking

5. Give feedbacks and participate!

Gentle Reminder for Homework before Bootcamp:

  • 1 slide to indicate team name, institutional affiliation and a short tag line on what team aims to do 
  • 1 slide to introduce the team members and their respective background/expertise
  • 3-4 slides to describe succinctly your team’s technological invention/innovation idea
  • 3-4 slides to highlight [including the use of VPC and BMC] your key assumptions about the customer problems you hope to solve with your invention, the product/service you will create to do so, and how you can make money doing so.
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