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EL: HO Yik Him

ROCAMORA Josyl Mariela Balce
YIP Kam Yue
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Final presentation
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During sightseeing and traveling at tour groups, tourists may encounter communication issues with the tour guides. Tourists cannot hear the tour guides’ instructions when they move much farther away, or when the environment becomes too noisy and crowded. Tour guides, as well, can be inconvenienced with bulky and heavy microphones and speakers while ensuring that their clients are safe and within reach.

We developed a user-friendly integrated solution for tour groups. Tourists and tour guides can be connected within a secure local network for communicating with each other without the need for internet connectivity. Our app solution offers three key features: voice broadcasting, navigation and automated attendance taking, and provide up-to-date information.

The voice broadcasting feature works like walkie-talkies or microphones-speakers, allowing tour guides to talk to tourists clearly, without the need for bulky equipment.

The navigation and automated attendance taking feature utilize an advanced Bluetooth technology to perform accurate positioning. Subsequently, the app also keeps track of the attendance and provides reminders and alerts when users move away beyond the threshold distance.

The notice board and chat capability allow tour guides to send information to tourists during trips when there are new updates. Having updates be accessible is key for better information dissemination without compromising tourists’ privacy.

With this new technology, tour guides and tourists will benefit from better communication, enjoy a more pleasant journey, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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