Commercialisation of the smart scar care pad (SSCP) on management of hypertrophic scar

PolyU LLP-19-007
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, PolyU

Ng Hoi Di, Heidi

Cecilia Li-Tsang
Lui Kam Che, Kalina
Hercy Li Chi Kong
Final presentation
Final presentation
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Smart Scar-Care pad is not only more effective in healing and preventing hypertrophic scars, but also more comfortable to wear than conventional options.


The Smart Scar-Care pad is made up of two layers – a medical-grade silicone gel lining that retains moisture and softens the scar; and a layer of silicone studs that apply pressure. The pad is a lot more durable than over-the-counter silicone gel – it lasts for about two months, as opposed to a few days. Smart Scar-Care pad can be trimmed easily into different sizes to fit different parts of the body, including concave surfaces and joints. Optimal pressure can be achieved with the use of silicone studs in different heights and diameters.

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