Development of a precision low-pressure lapping technology for aspherical & freeform mold

PolyU LLP-20-004
ISE, PolyU

EL: YU NingHui

Member: LUO DaWei
Final presentation
Final presentation
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With the increasingly competition in the mobile phone industry, manufacturers pay more attention to improving the photo taking function of mobile phones. For mobile phone lens, the quality of lens depends on the accuracy of the mold. These molds are usually processed by ultra-precision technology. In ultra-precision machining area, Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) inevitably generate tool marks on machined surface which may create scattering and grating pattern. These tool marks need removed especially for these molds used for fabricating imaging lens. However current precision lapping/polishing method are difficult used on aspherical and freeform Al6061 mold. As a result, we developed a precision pressure-free lapping technology to provide high efficiency and low-price solution to improve the quality of the aspherical lens molds.

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