Flexible and Transparent Metal-embedded Electrode

PolyU LLP-20-017
ITC, PolyU

EL: GAO Yuan

Member: NG Sze Wing
Final presentation
Final presentation
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Flexible electronics has attracted the public attention in recent years. The popular consumer electronics companies started to bring flexible display products, smart phones and other wearable gadgets into the market. To realize the flexible optoelectronics, every involved components needed to be flexible, including the electrode and encapsulation.

We have developed the flexible and transparent electrode that consist of an embedded metal mesh. Our electrodes achieved a high transparency (90% to visible light), high conductivity (≤0.6 Ohm/sq) and environment stability. Also, they are highly flexible that can be freely bent and folded without performance degradation. Moreover, our developed technology allowed us to duplicate fine and conductive patterns on a variety of flexible substrate, including the thin plastic films, papers, natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics. The linewidth, height and spacing of the finest printed lines allowed by our technology is ~200nm, ~10nm and ~50nm, respectively.

Based on the promising results we got in the laboratory, our team is confident that such electrode should have a great application possibility on different kinds of wearable and smart electronics, such as medical devices, flexible consumer gadgets, high-tech fashion items and smart windows.

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