Gonna - 行事曆與社群軟體之結合管理工具

Electrical Engineering, NCKU

EL: Li, Ming Feng

Yang, Zih You
Hsieh, Shih Lien
Final presentation
Final presentation
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Modern people have to face scheduling problems caused by various reasons when arranging their routines such as time, location, priority... . Especially when the team is arranging the meeting time, they always need to check their personal timetable to decide a suitable plan for everyone.


The calendar applications commonly used by the people only involve the functions of record and reminder. When users need to schedule a large number of events, they must first list the blank time on the itinerary, and then try to schedule the to-do items. In this project, this kind of scheduling problem is conceived in advance. Through the management and calculation of the program and algorithm, a lot of time for itinerary planning is saved, and the mistakes caused by human brain negligence are avoided.


For the fragmented time on the calendar, it is difficult for users to arrange activities due to insufficient time length or conflicts between users' routines. In this project, we designed a function to solve this situation such as launching activities, gathering participating people, event recommendations, which can assist users in arranging free time on the calendar, and promote community activities.


The core concept of "Gonna" is "What are you gonna do?". Besides arranging and managing the itinerary for users, it also let users find out which activities they can participate in.

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