PolyU LLP-19-001
School of Design, PolyU

Huang Chien-Wei, Wesley

Demi Cheng-dong
David Wexler
Andy Tam
Nathaniel Ho
Jung Chan
Guo Lihan
Final presentation
Final presentation
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GripBeats® is the smart wearable technology which transforms your hand touch and motion gestures into music. Unlike all other wearable technologies you've probably seen on the market, GripBeats® is the first to innovate both the way we use our extended hand, finger and palm controls but for making and learning music.


GripBeats® is patent pending for the way users can create drums using movement and touch. Better still, the device is capable of simulating an array of gestures and controls preprovided but also user-defined in-app. In user testing our product with now tens of mixed users, each have been able to learn how to create some sort of fundamental music pattern in the space of less than 30 minutes.

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