Imaging and Diagnosis of Pipeline Condition by Infrared Technology

PolyU LLP-20-007

EL: Sham Fung Chu ,Janet

Luo Xianghuan, Tess
Cheung Wei Yat, Bella
Lai Chun Cheung, Kenneth
Dr David Navarro-Alarcon
Luiza Labazanova
Final presentation
Final presentation
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The present problem of underground seepage, leaks, burst, voids and ground collapse caused by the underground pipelines is the untold health conditions hardly revealed through any sorts of visual inspection. Our team – Red-I proposes to apply the PipeLine Infrared Thermographic System-PLITS for imaging, diagnosing and grading of their health conditions. PLITS mainly consists of two parts: the robot and the software platform for image processing. The PLITS robot prototype can detect both visible and hidden defects and customized according to different needs of the client. It is applicable in water pipe, drainage pipe and gas pipe. The PLITS software enables robust defect identification and size estimation which minimizes interference of human judgment. Red-I is positioned as a Consultant on Technologies and Solutions which provide all-in-one consultancy services by adopting advanced yet uncommon technologies in the market. Our aim is to base in HK market and at the same time explores overseas market. We are going to apply for different types of funding such as MicroFund and Incu-Tech Fund for startup in Science Park.

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