In-line Hydroelectric Harnessing Devices

PolyU LLP-20-006
BSE, PolyU

EL: SHEN Zhicheng

DU Jiyun
SHI Wenchao
Final presentation
Final presentation
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According to the data from the Department Bureau of Hong Kong SAR the municipal pipeline leak is responsible for over 50% of freshwater loss in the year 2016. Aiming to make a quick response to the water leakage the water supplies department (WSD) start the water intelligent network program to install the smart sensor into their pipeline system. However, because most of the municipal networks were rapidly build after WWII there is no power supply in the checkpoint underground. If using the lead-acid battery as the power source that will make a great cost of labor for the routine replacement work of the battery. As required by WSD the turbine generator can not change the water flow pathway and keep a low water head reduction during work and can not contaminate water. Currently, there is no commercial turbine generator can fulfill all the requirement. The In-line Hydroelectric Harnessing Devices aim to recover energy from the pipe flow to support the intelligent sensor without affecting the normal water supply. The development and research work of this technology is supported by the Hong Kong SAR government. After several years of research and development work. Now, this product is ready for the market and serve society.

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