Innovation of Highly Efficient FIR Functional Textiles Through Green Physical

PolyU LLP-20-002
ITC, PolyU

Team Name: Litextech
EL: Yao Mei Yu, Alice

Chan Chiu Yuk, Dennis
Cheung Tin Wai, Twinkie
Tang Kwai Hing, Agnes
Tao Yifei
Final presentation
Final presentation
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The spectrum with a wavelength between 6-14μm is called far-infrared rays (FIR) within the infrared rays, and they are very close to the radiation of the human body. Therefore, FIR can effectively resonate with water molecules in cells and further help the growth of animals and plants. FIR rays bring many benefits without any side effects on the human body.


The developed innovative far-infrared textile helps to enhance blood microcirculation and metabolism, and enable thermal preservation. To be specific, this research integrates mechanism of physics, optics and textile, while traditional methods only focus on chemical treatments. Hence, this method is more cost-effective, eco-friendly and durable with high yarn quality. With theoretical simulation and national standard assessment, the developed FIR textile performs higher FIR emission and better temperature preservation. The research has been internationally recognized by winning two outstanding awards (The Best International Invention of Geneva and the Golden Award of the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva) and acquiring patent. Business trademark has been registered in Hong Kong, China, Europe, and USA. Commercialization has been started and the far-infrared textile has been mass produced in tons since 2019.

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