Intelligent Engine Starter based on Supercapacitor Technology (IESS system) for Vehicles

PolyU LLP-20-016
EE, PolyU

EL: Xu Cuidong

Wang Daohong
Mei Jie
Final presentation
Final presentation
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Our Group has established a reputation in the field of power electronics, machines, drives electric mobility use of new materials and energy saving, notably in the areas of power conversion, electric vehicle and renewable engineering The power electronics area includes static power conversion, the application of power electronics to improve the performance of power distribution and systems, renewable resources, magnetics, battery and superconducting energy storages and use of artificial intelligence in power electronics The machine and drive areas cover the machines design and motion control research work They include intelligent motion control, 2D and 3D actuation systems, condition monitoring, induction generators, switched reluctance motor drives and soft switching drives The electric mobility research work includes electric vehicle, electric boat, traction system, traffic control, sensors in rail track and vehicle.


Our aims are to use the above experience to help local industry and the region to improve competitiveness through consultancy services, cooperative projects and research development of new technologies We also would like to commercialize some of it, IESS is the first product we would like to commercialize In future, more auto parts would be brought to the market and hopefully next generation all electric, moduli zed, integrated, digital EV could be developed.

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