Intelligent Health Promotion Service System

Industrial Design, NCKU

EL: Tan Poh Thong
Hsin-Yi Lu
Pei-ling Tseng
Pin-Jun Chen
Meng-Ting Wu
Chien-Hsiang Chang
Wei-Chih Lien
Final presentation
Final presentation
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A new rehabilitation service called the “Intelligent Health Promotion Service System (IHPSS)” enables patients to recuperate at home. Moreover, medical professionals can remotely arrange suitable rehabilitation treatments through this new service. 


The IHPSS uses the Somatosensory Interaction and Nostalgic Game to arouse the resonance of the elderly, and then increase their motivation for rehabilitation. The Intelligent Knee Orthosis can detect the status of each muscle group during training and converts it into data. Through Deep Learning and data analysis, it helps medical professionals arrange patients the most accurate rehabilitation plan. Meanwhile, the rehabilitation result is transmitted to their family members.


The Intelligent Health Promotion Service System has three major goals. First, "Intelligentization” is to use Artificial Intelligence to assist medical professionals to evaluate the suitable treatment. Second, "Gamification” is to adopt Nostalgic Games to increase patients’ motivation for rehabilitation. Third, "Customization” is to customize their specific treatment based on the individual case.

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