Next Generation DC Microgrid for Smart Home and IoT

PolyU LLP-19-015
Department of Electrical Engineering, PolyU

Xu Cuidong

Fong Yat Chi
S. Raghu Raman
Mei Jie
Shum Ka Hung
Final presentation
Final presentation
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The project aims to supplement the existing 230 V / 110 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz AC power distribution system with a 48V DC voltage bus and  DC – DC converter (PolyU patent) that enables power distribution at multiple DC voltage levels .  This new architecture powers the future ambitions of smart-home, smart-city and smart-planet.

The key technologies of this architecture powers include Zero Current Crossing DC Circuit Breakers, Multiport Converter Circuit DC Distribution and Leakage Current Protection. 

Its advantages are energy, cost and material saving.  It can also reduce risk of electric shock. This technology can easily be scaled, adapted and is more suitable to remote locations where AC transmission is difficult.

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