Rehabilitation System Based on Mix Reality

PolyU LLP-19-009
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, PolyU

WEI Xi-jun

QIU Han-wen
TAN Jing-an
Wei Yixi
Final presentation
Final presentation
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Neurological rehabilitation is the most important service for majority of the rehabilitation settings. ADL limitation is quite common in neurological patients. And the improvement of ADL is the main emphasis. However, the space for ADL is not enough and cost. Training in reality may be risky and boring. So, ADL assessment and training based on VR technology is in need.


A rehabilitation system based on VR technology called Avatar Rehab Mall is developed. All the activities of daily living are distributed to different floors according to their characteristics.


The most outstanding feather of Avatar Rehab Mall should be the communication. Because finger movement and olfaction are involved by Avatar Rehab Mall. They are not touched by other commercial available systems.

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