Small-scale dental dust settling device

Institute of Oral Medicine, NCKU

EL: Yi-Ting Hsiao
Member: Shang-Ru Teng
Final presentation
Final presentation
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Due to the long-term exposure to various harmful materials such as dust, chemicals, or fumes, the risk of dentists and dental technicians suffering from Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) or other upper respiratory diseases has been gaining attention. However, the location of suction equipment used in clinical practices are far away from where the aerosol is generated. In addition to the risk of the aerosol rising and spreading to the breathing area of the dentist, dental technician, or even the dental assistant during the operation, the excessive noise generated by the suction is also a major hazard.


The small-scale dental dust settling device developed by our team is the first of its kind, with a portable and light-weight design that can be efficiently applied to dental hand-pieces. Based on our current product planning, we will continue to improve our prototype, and we also aspire to discuss potential cooperation opportunities with dental hand-piece manufacturers and/or air-purifying related businesses.

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