Smart Circuit Interrupter and Outlet

PolyU LLP-20-018
EE, PolyU

Team Name: UltraSafePower
EL: Chang Yan Tai, Ricky
Tsz Yee Mui, Victor
Final presentation
Final presentation
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The product is a power outlet adapter with comprehensive protections and IOT functionalities. Besides general protections such as over/under voltage, short-circuit, over-current, earth fault, earth leakage, we have integrated our proprietary arc flash detection algorithms inside the unit. With this feature serial or parallel arc flash incidents that are upstream or downstream of the outlet can be reliably detected and reported. The user can choose either to cut off the power immediately or just give warnings to the administrator when a fault occurs.

Outlet status and faults warnings are sent wirelessly to the operator, either directly or indirectly through servers. This outlet also provides remote monitoring functions such as voltage, current, power and energy monitoring, and diagnostic functions like harmonic analyses. The operator can also remotely turn on and off the power to the appliances. Long range wireless technology is used so the signal to noise ratio is high and transmission distance is long.

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