Smart wristband for carpal tunnel syndrome

PolyU LLP-18-011
Department of Applied Physics, PolyU

Fu Ying

LIU Shenghua
YANG Anneng
WANG Naixiang
Li Li
Final presentation
Final presentation
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Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most common upper extremity compressive neuropathy, with a prevalence of 3%-5% in the general population, and 6% in the group of females over the age of 40. Even after surgery, CTS still can recur.


The team design a smart wristband which can record the wrist motion and send the recording data to mobile phone. This smart wristband can detect small actions and response to flexible strains stably. The user feel comfort because the wristband will not cause any allergic irritation to human skin.  


Smart Wristband is also simple for mass production and low power consumption.


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