The new generation of high capacity batteries for energy storage

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ME, PolyU

Team Name: Energy@Edu
EL: Zhang Fei

Liu Qiang
Cheng Junye
Qin Xusong

Final presentation
Final presentation
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Energy@Edu aims to develop a set of course resources related to the lithium-ion power batteries and battery management system (BMS). 


The course resources will be present in the forms of PowerPoint, short video, animation as well as teaching kits. Furthermore, VR technology will also be introduced to clearly present the production line of lithium-ion battery. Our customers are higher vocational colleges, secondary vocational colleges, technical college, and ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities. The end-users are the teachers and students major in inspection and maintenance of new energy vehicles, automobile Engineering, new energy vehicle technology, and materials engineering. Meanwhile, with the help of a specific teaching/learning platform and online streaming platform, the users can learn and teach systematically and efficiently. Besides, considering the users are at varying levels in chemistry, physics, and materials, the course contents will be modularized to be more flexible and tunable.

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