Underground Utilities 3D Visualization and Management System

PolyU LLP-20-012

EL: Li Yaxin
Member: Zhang Zhenlin
Final presentation
Final presentation
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True Sight provides 3D modelling generation solution for the indoor environment. Considering the cost of traditional manual method is high and the operation maybe difficult/dangerous. We use the UAV/robot and the low-cost RGB-D sensors to establish automatic data collection system. Our equipment could implement automatic localization & navigation in the unknow environment and finish the data collection process at the same time. For a 500 m2 space, we could provide 3D models in different channels (Web, App and WeChat small program) within 1 hours. In addition, some other additional information (such as, text, voice, video, or web link) could be linked to the 3D models. What means our product could be used for the AR shopping, online exhibition and indoor navigation. Up to 2019, the market of indoor mapping is about US$ 13.8B a year worldwide, which not includes the underground area. Based on the market report, the market could reach to US$ 29.4B by 2024. Our product will be ready by end of 2020.

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