WearUS: Wearable ultrasound with bio-functional sensing for skeletal muscle assessment

PolyU LLP-18-009
Department of Biomedical Engineering, PolyU

Cheng Lok Kan, Connie

Wang Like
Zhou Yongjin
Final presentation
Final presentation
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WearSono is a wearable muscle bio-signal collection platform which  conduct analysis in anywhere and everywhere.


WearSono is a portable and stand-alone system. It has different bio-signal sensors which allows the users to connect more than one sensor to the data collection box.  After data collection, the data (such as EMG, MMG, SMG, etc.) is transmitted wirelessly to a mobile device for further analysis.


WearSono has significant role in science, education and clinical fields. At the first stage of business, WearSono focuses in the market of science, and education fields.

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