Wireless High Accuracy Ultrasonic Temperature Sensor Network

PolyU LLP-19-011
Department of Mechanical Engineering, PolyU

Wong Ting Yui, Bruno

Tang Yu
MA Mingze
Final presentation
Final presentation
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Ultrasonic Temperature Sensor is designed with higher accuracy, lower cost and larger range.  

This sensor can reach an unprecedented accuracy of 0.01 degree Celsius, 2 times better than a resistance temperature detector, the most accurate existing temperature sensor. Beside the higher accuracy, the expected cost of this sensor is also substantial lower because cheaper material can be chosen without decreasing the accuracy.

Moreover, this Ultrasonic Temperature Sensor can respond faster to temperature change. It is designed to work over a wide temperature range. The team want to make it comparable to thermocouple that is usually used for wide temperature range measurement, but being 10 times better in accuracy.

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